Linked Education Cloud

The Linked Education Cloud is a repository/catalogue of Web datasets relevant to educational applications. It is provided according to the standard of the Web of Data, and is constructed based on input from the LinkedUp Community. It is especially meant to support participants to the LinkedUp Challenge, including in particular the two focused tracks of the current Vidi Competition (see below).

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Data for the PathFinder track

The Pathfinder track asks you to come up with a clever way to support (prospective) learners to find and explore the learning opportunities available to them on the open web. Data to be used for this concerns information about learning opportunities, including for example about courses in various universities (e.g., The Open University, The University of Aalto, or degrees in the UK from the Key Information Set), about open education resources (e.g., from Organic Edunet, mEducator, the Open Courseware consortium, or specific organisations) or any other resource that might help to learn about a certain topic (e.g., videos/podcasts from The University of Southampton or reading resources from the TERENCE reading comprehension dataset).

To connect user profiles to the opportunities available, datasets such as the Key information set (that tells you in particular about what students went on to do after a degree) or the dataset about book circulation at Huddersfield University library (telling about which books are used in which contexts) could be very useful.

Data for the Simplificator track

The Simplificator track calls for applications that provides a simplified version of domain-specific, complex documents that are easier to understand for non-expert audience. A major source of such complex documents is scientific literature. Here,one might use the datasets from the Nature publishing group, providing metadata abdut articles and connections to other datasets especially in Biology. The DBLP dataset also contains a lot of metadata, including links to electronic editions of papers mostly in the area or computing. More focused is the LAK Dataset, which contains the metadata and full text of articles from conferences and journals in the areas of learning analytics and educational datamining. Finally, many of the university-based datasets in the LinkedUp catalogue include repositories of research outputs, which might link to other activities from these universities.

In the context of the Simplificator track, it is useful to recall that we do expect applications to combine the kind of data we have with other information sources, including generic resources such as DBpedia that, while not directly related to education, might be useful in the task of simplifying complex, domain specific documents.

Datahub Catalogue

The main entry point to the Linked Education Cloud is the Datahub Catalogue which registers all collected data endpoints using the CKAN framework. All datasets included have a SPARQL endpoint associated, and follow the principles of Linked Data.

SPARQL Endpoint

Information about the datasets included in the collected endpoints is extracted from them and represented using the VoID vocabulary and made available through a SPARQL Endpoint. Additional information connecting and classifying the datasets is also included, facilitating the joint use.


Understanding what can be done with Web Data for education and how to apply linked data technologies is critical to the development of the area. LinkedUp DevTalk is a set of bit-size resources, how-tos and examples for developers of Web Data applications in education.